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~LA Paranormal in RADIO~

LA Talk Radio | The Sheena Metal Experience | Sheena Metal

Beyond The Edge Radio | Eric Altman & Lon Strickler

KROQ FM | Loveline | Mike & Dr. Drew

LA Talk Radio | Haunted Playground | Sheena Metal & Danielle Egnew

Altered States Para Radio | Archives | Episode 120 | Tom Durant & Dave Harvey

89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio Interview | Patt Morrison

~LA Paranormal in PRINT~

Daily Titan | Paranormal Activity Detected on Campus | Paranormal State Tour

~LA Paranormal on TELEVISION~

Nippon Television Network (NTV)(Japan) | Sekkai No Hate Made Itte Q

Travel Channel | Ghost Adventures | Linda Vista Hospital & Best Evidence So Far

KTLA | Rich Demuro Tech Report | KTLA Goes Ghost Hunting


  1. Hi Carlos, I’d recommend checking out and also looking around on Facebook for some local teams. Attending paranormal conferences/events is a good way to connect with people as well. Also, keep an eye on our Events page for any upcoming events or investigations are open to the public.


    Are you a budding Sherlock Holmes looking to put your amateur crime solving skills to the test? Do you always figure out the ending before everybody else? Have you always seen yourself as the main character in mystery novels?

    From the creator of CSI, Anthony Zuiker, and 51 Minds comes a brand new mystery reality competition for ABC. We are currently scouring the nation for armchair detectives, perceptive problem solvers or anyone who believes they have the mental acuity to go up against other like-minded sleuths for $250,000. This show is for everybody from ex-detectives who’ve solved crimes all their lives, to a mother of three who has to figure out when her children are lying or where they hid her keys.

    If you or anyone you know fits the mold of an ASPIRING GUMSHOE then APPLY today. You MUST be at least 21 years old and a legal US resident to be eligible.

    For more information and complete eligibility requirements visit or email us at– include name, age, brief description of yourself, why you think you would be a great crime solver and two (2) recent photos. Make the subject line your current city and state. All submissions become property of producer. Good luck.

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