Linda Vista Hospital – No. Leave!

In January, 2010, LA Paranormal Association returned to Linda Vista Hospital with a group of guest investigators including EVP specialists Mark and Debby Constantino. We were conducting an EVP session in the surgical suite with Mark and Debby and Debby asked, “Are you better at moving things and showing yourself than you are at talking through the recorder?” We then heard what sounded at the time like growling or an angry voice. Upon review, it sounds to us like it’s saying, “No…leave!”
*voice occurs between :16 – :20 seconds. As always, we recommend listening with headphones on and the volume turned up.

(this entire session was also captured on video as seen in the previous post Los Angeles Paranormal Returns to Linda Vista Hospital)

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Los Angeles Paranormal Returns to Linda Vista Hospital

In 2009, during an investigation of the Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, we captured what sounded like the voice of a little girl humming in the former surgery area of this long closed hospital. We later returned with the crew of the Ghost Adventures TV show (Travel Channel) and experienced paranormal activity once again, including the capture of an evp that sounded like the same humming. In January, 2010, Los Angeles Paranormal Association returned once more to Linda Vista hospital with guest investigators including Mark and Debby Constantino. Below is an excerpt from that investigation. **In order to best hear the evps in the video, along with what sounds like disembodied voices at 6:37 and 7:58 , we recommend listening with headphones on and volume turned up high.**

Los Angeles Paranormal on Japanese TV!


LA Paranormal made our ‘international television debut’ on August 16 when we appeared in a segment on the hit Japanese TV show “Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ.” The show name translates loosely to “Go To the Ends of the Earth,” and it is a variety show airing on Japan’s NTV network (Nippon Television). They send their roving reporters out to explore mysteries and have adventures in various corners of the world.

In this episode, they sent one of their correspondents, Japanese comedian, Daisuke Miyagawa, to the US to ride some scary rollercoasters – and to Los Angeles to visit a haunted hospital (Linda Vista) with us! (huh?)

Anyway, the crew were a great pleasure to work with and we had a lot of fun. We hope you get a kick out of it!

You can check it out on YouTube here: (our segment starts at 04:07)

*note: oddly enough, the scream that occurs during the intro to the hospital was not staged and was never explained…

Ghost Adventures!

Ghost Adventures and Los Angeles Paranormal

Los Angeles Paranormal Association was fortunate to be asked to participate in an episode of the Ghost Adventures series, starring Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, and which airs on the Travel Channel. Kirsten and Layla were initially taking the guys on a tour of the location to describe our paranormal experiences from a prior investigation – but it turned into a real paranormal happening when we started hearing and experiencing some wild things during an EVP session. The show will air next season, which begins in October, so stay tuned for more on our adventures and some truly amazing evidence…

***update*** Dec 13th, 2009 – Being able to take part in the Ghost Adventures episode at Linda Vista Hospital was an incredible experience. Not only was their equipment malfunctioning during our live EVP session with them, but to capture that EXACT SAME little girls voice as we had the first time, is simply amazing. Not only that, but Nick later saw a complete fully-bodied apparition of a female in the exact same spot where we had captured the humming both times. They also captured quite a bit more evidence that night during their lockdown. Here is a promo video featuring just some of our experience there with the guys… Ghost Adventures – Voices in the Linda Vista Hospital